Our success stories!

The viable way to study in the United States is through a student visa. For more information about this process, schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

Clarissa Ramona Casilla German

Process: I-130 for Adult Daughter

History: Clarissa was unhappy and came to us from another firm because her case was still pending despite the year she submitted all of her paperwork in 1995! When she visited our office and moved forward with our services, we were able to complete her case and reunite her with her daughter that remained separated for years.

Carlos David Soto Ramirez

Process: I-485 + I-751

History: Carlos was able to obtain his residency through an adjustment of status. He was first granted a two-year conditional residency and then we proceeded with the removal of those conditions, where he was finally able to receive his permanent residence. The client is quite content with our services because he had consulted with other attorneys at other firms but none of them instilled the trust he found in our team.

Anthony Ramirez Peguero

Process: VAWA


Paloma Martich


Danna de los Santos Grullon


Lewis N Marte Bello

Residence renewal

Elizabeth Duarte Feliz


Orquidea Fortuna Nunez


Jonathan Saturria

K1 + i-485 + i-751

Because the joy of helping people to be free and happy is priceless.